10 Jul 2021 - version 1.4

- Alarm will sound on all connected devices when a Peer exceeds the maximum.
- Faster drawing code of the graph.
- Some minor tweaks and enhancements.

11 Mar 2021 - version 1.3

- Minor UI fixes.
- Updated and corrected localisation and texts.
- Inner tweaks for better performance.

25 Feb 2021 - version 1.2

- Fixed a bug that could make all synced counts go wrong.
- The app now handles the Local Devices privacy protocols that Apple started using in iOS 14.2. When the system shows the alert to allow to connect to local devices please tap OK for the joint counting to work.

9 Okt 2020 - version 1.1

⁃ Improved Accessibility for people with disabilities.
⁃ When you use Screen Mirroring you will see a big display for your visitors on your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
⁃ Updated manual.
⁃ Improved audio feedback.

14 Jul 2020 - version 1.0.2

Added a new page to manage saved devices.

17 Jun 2020 - version 1.0.1

- You can now delete all graph data. Tap and hold to reset. And improved time indication when you zoom in or out.
- You can change the IN/OUT text to +/- signs.
- Better manual texts and images.
- Improved haptic feedback.

6 Jun 2020 - version 1.0

First version of the app.