Head Count is a simple app to count visitors, together.


We wanted to provide a affordable solution to count the incoming and outgoing visitors in shops, museums, cafes, restaurants, clubs, offices, theaters, festivals etc.


All the basics

A beautiful designed tally counter app. Just set the maximum capacity and start counting.

An alarm will sound when the maximum is reached. Dark mode, left handed orientation, graphic display and you can count with the hardware volume buttons so you don't have to watch the screen.


With just a few taps you can start counting together

But this app has a unique feature: your friends can join the counting!

A total of 8 nearby devices can be used simultaneously using Bluetooth (about 10 meters) and/or WiFi (any range).

The cheapest and fastest solution to monitor occupancy

Head Count lets you count at multiple entrances and exits, simultaneously and synchronized.

This way you and your colleagues can monitor all the incoming and outgoing visitors and everyone knows exactly how many people are inside.

A unique and indispensable app for retailers and managers of various public and event venues.


Big display to inform your visitors.

Use an iPhone/iPad or turn on Screen Mirroring to see a big display of the current status on your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.

No setup, No account

Average Rating Worldwide: 4,5 icon



Wish there were more stars to give

What an absolutely delightful, perfectly designed program. Every day it’s being used I find it becoming one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. Does everything it says it will. And the comments from people who see the big screen being shared are blown away with the technology. I highly recommend this app.



Excellent work and support

Received prompt replies and quick response to app issues. Good team.



AWESOME! Headcount with synchronisation on multiple devices

I really love this app! It’s a very intuitive app to count the visitors at my venue. And it can be used on multiple devices, simultaneously. A big plus! Would really recommend this app!

Safe and Simple


· Manage Devices

Devices can be permantly saved to make an automatic connection if possible. You can manage all the devices the app was connected with in a counting session.

· Big Display

Special big-size display to inform your visitors. Use an iPhone/iPad or turn on Screen Mirroring to see the current status on your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.

· Adjust increment value

Some situations or persons prefer to count with 1, 2, 5, or 10 at every tap. You can change this in the settings.

· Easy Control

There is always one device that starts the counting session and other devices can join. The starter of the counting session has full control over who is allowed to count: safe and simple.

· Count with volume buttons

You can also use the hardware volume buttons of your device to count. Your screen will be locked to prevent accidental taps. Sound and/or haptic feedback is used to confirm.

· Graph

An animated graphic display of the occupancy in the last 60 minutes. With an overload indicator to show when the full capacity was reached.

· P2P Networking

We use the best Peer2Peer technology developed by Apple. You don’t need to be connected to a WiFi network for this to work, but make sure your Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on. Allow the app to connect to local devices before you start or join a counting session.

· Sound / Haptics

The app can notify you with an sound when the maximum is reached. The sound is custom designed to be audible in loud environments. The app can also use haptic feedback (vibriations) to confirm the current state.

· Left handed mode

You can change the button orientation for a left handed person. (minus 1 left button, plus 1 on the right) Or when you stand on the other side of the door and and makes more practical sense.

· Languages

The app is fully translated by professionals in English, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish and Dutch.

· User guide

The app contains a carefully written user guide with images and videos that explain all features in great detail. Available in all app languages.

· In/Out or + / -

We tested this and it seems some people prefer text and others the plus + and minus - sign. You can choose.

No ads, No subscriptions



for iPhone

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and iPad

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